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Testing the Waters

Cecille G. Mauricio - March 13, 2015 (Business Mirror)


ARE the bubbles aggressive, super fine or in between? This one has a delicate mousse. The bubbles of that one are fading fast. One would think we were tasting sparkling wine, not water. But water was the subject of the evening, a departure from the dégustations des vins that Kitt Schroeder would regularly hold at Lemuria, her beautiful little restaurant nestled in a corner of her sprawling garden.

The idea for the water-not-wine tasting was hatched when Schroeder took delivery of the first shipment of Antipodes, the bottled water that she decided to import from New Zealand. She had discovered Antipodes during her last visit there and was so enthralled by it that she just had to bring it to Manila. Wine is Schroeder’s preoccupation and as principal of Brumms Quality Wines Inc., she is known for her small, but carefully chosen portfolio of wines, primarily from Germany and Austria, now augmented by boutique offerings from Chile, Argentina New Zealand and Romania.  Why import Antipodes? Because I want to, she said simply. Like fine wine, there is fine water. Did you know there is a Fine Water Society? Read more


Most expensive water launched

Feel the need to impress a client, or treat yourself for a job well done? Pour yourself a glassful of Antipodes

Regina Abuyuan - February 22, 2015 (Manila Bulletin) 


Antipodes write up

Photo Courtesy of Grid Magazine

Some use single malt or a Petrus to impress their clients or potential business partners. Some, a good steak or all the bells and whistles during a company tour.

But some will choose a perhaps safer—but no less impressive—route, serving a glass or bottle of one of the world’s (and the country’s) most expensive waters: Antipodes.

Entering the market in late November 2014, the brand was launched only recently in Lemuria, Brumm’s sister restaurant and the only true fine dining establishment in Quezon City. A unique “water tasting” was held—the first event of its kind in the country—wherein Schroeder let members of the media sample some of Europe’s premium bottled waters and compare them to Antipodes.

One is distinctly fizzy. One is slightly salty. Antipodes, by contrast, has a subtle, mineral-like finish that leaves the mouth feeling—dare this writer say—“purified”.

Describing the taste of Antipodes’ sparkling variant as “very soft” compared to those that come from Europe, Schroeder is backed by renowned sommelier Cecile Mauricio, who says it “opens up the palate,” making it an ideal “neutralizer during pairing of wines.”

The price of this wonderful beverage? P199 a liter, whether still or sparkling. Read more


The world's best water, now in Manilaantipodes

Chezka Guevarra (Manila Times)


Internationally-renowned for its simplistic yet opulent approach to drinking water, Antipodes, an award-winning luxury bottled water from New Zealand, has finally reached the Philippine shores.

In an intimate product launch last January 22 at Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant in New Manila, restaurant proprietress and Brumms Quality Wines, Inc. head Mrs. Marina Bru Schroeder held an exclusive taste test of the esteemed beverage, which received the recognit
ion for being the world’s best water at the prestigious Berkely Springs Water Festival in West Virginia, USA in 2006.

The affair could be considered one of, if not the first, water tasting event to be ever held in the country. Prior to the scrumptious and impeccable dinner featuring Lemuria's best-sellers, quests were served different sparkling water brands known in the market to personally experience how Antipode is different from the rest. Read more

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