You have to learn how to read wine labels to get the most out of your drinking experience. The region, vintage, grape variety and style, wine grower, and bottle guarantor, are all written on the wine label. These help you know the quality and value of the wine.

Below, on the left, you will see a sample label with numbered parts and on the right, you can read the corresponding explanation for each part.

The vintage - the year in which the grapes were harvested.
The name and address of the wine estate (weingut).
The grape variety.
The quality level of the wine, indicating the ripeness of the grapes at harvest.
The style of the wine. Here, an off-dry (Halbtrocken) wine. Trocken indicates a very dry wine. Wines labeled CLASSIC or SELECTION are dry varietals. If none of these terms is on the label, expect a wine with some residual sweetness.
The town (+ "er") and the vineyard from which the grapes originate. Here, a hypothetical example.
The specified region - in Germany, there are 13 wine-growing regions.
Wines bottled and produced by the grower or a cooperative of growers (Winzergnossenschaft) may be labelled Erzeugerabfullung. Estates and individual growers can use Gutsabfullung Abfuller.
The quality control number, indicating the wine has passed the chemical and sensory tests required of all German quality wines.

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