antipodes sparkling & still water

The Antipodes Water Company was founded on the strength of one very simple idea, "to produce the world's best water, from the world's purest country". To do this mean taking the definition of Antipodes to hear and looking to do the opposite of the accepted business model.

antipodes /an-tip-o-deez/ 1 Australia and New Zealand from the perspective of Europe; 2 a pair of points, places or things that are diametrically opposite each other.

This simple description represented to us both a place of origin, and an attitude to everything we stand for. Antipodes Water is a New Zealand water that is truly different. It is different in quality, different in the way it looks, different in its impact on the environment and different in the way it is distributed - available only at high-end restaurants, hotels and fine food outlets. Antipodes is the first premium water in the world to be carbon neutral, to the restaurant table anywhere in the world - a pure water, untouched from the source water hundreds of meters below the surgface. In 2006 we were rewarded for all our choices when antipodes won the title of 'world's best water' awarded at the prestigious Berkley Springs Water Festival in West Virginia USA. Since then antipodes has gone on to export globally into markets as diverse as Australia, Mexico, Dubai, UK and China - taking the best of New Zealand to the world.

Delivered to your door.

From New Zealand to your dinner table, enjoy the world's purest water, Still or Sparkling.

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