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A Ripening Tradition Of Good Taste

It started in the late 1980’s when the choice of wines in the local market was limited. This became the opportunity that led husband and wife Klaus and Kitt Schroeder to start the import of German wines. 

In 1990, BRUMMS ENTERPRISES, built a temperature controlled cellar that could store 20,000 bottles, one of the first of its kind in the industry. 

In tune with the fast changing market trend, BRUMMS QUALITY WINES, INC,incorporated in 1992, opened a wine shop in Robinson Galleria, Ortigas Center, the first of its kind in Manila. It offered a whole range of wines in its wine portfolio plus accessories like high quality wine glasses, wine openers, wine savers and other wine related items.

In November 2002, The Winery was inaugurated and became the new home of BRUMMS QUALITY WINES, INC. consisting of the wine cellar, a wine tasting room, and the wine sales office. 

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Grape talk: Q&A with Kitt Schroeder

Thursday, 14 October 2010 10:39 Cecile G. Mauricio / Fermentations

It’s “groo-ner felt-lee-ner.” I was getting a lesson in German phonetics from Marina “Kitt” Schroeder in the wine room, among her bottles of Riesling, Grüner Veltiner, Gewürtztrraminer, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt from producers like Gunderloch, Weininger and Heinrich.

It helps that she knows the language—which comes with being one of the top importers and distributors of German and Austrian wines in the Philippines. Ms. Schroeder runs Brumms Quality Wines Inc. and Lemuria, the restaurant that was born out of her passion for wine. (Where there is good wine, can good food be far behind?) I would see her at wine events looking effortlessly chic, radiating energy. Perhaps, “radiant” is the word that best describes this wine enthusiast who ends her e-mail with quotes like “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” A timely reminder from one who surely embraces life with exuberance.

How/when did you get started in wine?

In the early years (1980s) my husband Klaus brought home bottles of wines from the German cargo vessels calling in the port of Manila, that he serviced as part of his job in the shipping trade. This is how I met Riesling, the great noble grape of Germany. I learned later that the Rieslings at this time were mostly mediocre and suffering from a downgrade in the European market. I also got acquainted with the sparkling wines from South Africa. And there would be the usual bottles of wines from suppliers and friends every Christmastime and birthdays. Not knowing much about wines, I kept inventory stock cards just to keep track.

Which types of wine do you like to drink?

I am partial to white wines. Dry, crisp whites for aperitif (Grüner Veltliner, Chablis) and starters, as well as light fruity styles (unoaked Chardonnay, Riesling Qba) depending on the occasion. Mostly, I enjoy the medium- and full-bodied fruity styles with food.  Read more


Under the Radar

Thursday, 10 November 2011 17:49 Cecile G. Mauricio / Fermentations

There's a newcomer on the already well-chosen portfolio of Brumms Quality Wines. Known for her line of premium German and Austrian labels, Brumms owner Kitt Shroeder has slowly been adding wines from noted producers in South America. After listing the mighty Malbecs of prestigious Argentine winery Achaval Ferrer, she now carries the wines of El Principal, a small obscure Chilean winery. Those wines she introduced at a small wine dinner she and her husband Klaus recently hosted at their restaurant Lemuria.

Auqui, a vibrant, utterly elegant Sauvignon Blanc would be the only white wine for the evening, Ms. Schroeder explained, our glasses momentarily forgotten as she toured us around her compact, temperature-controlled cellar just below the restaurant. For the newcomer to Lemuria, the first glimpse of the restaurant is a pleasant jolt. It sits at the far end of a wide, tiled courtyard framed by lush greenery. It is easy to miss that courtyard (and the restaurant)—set as it is in a slight hollow off the side of a narrow, winding street. If not for the parking attendant’s guidance, I would’ve ended up on the front door of the owner’s residence—the restaurant, after all, is much like an extension of the Schroeder couple’s house, born of their passion for wine and the good food that must accompany it.  Read more

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